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should be civil.

Civil is the best commenting platform for managing community behavior.

“The online equivalent of taking ten deep breaths before picking a fight.”


How Civil Works

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User writes a comment

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User reviews three comments

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User's comment is reviewed


Comment is published (or not)

Civil Comments requires users to rate three comments before their own is published. Patent-pending behavioral algorithms monitor voting and keep it fair.
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Civil Comments is

✓ Self-moderating

Civil Comments uses a patent-pending peer review system to keep comments non-toxic and fun—even at massive scale.

✓ Lightweight

Civil Comments was built in modern, progressive React.js, with blazing-fast server-side rendering and the smallest file size of any full-featured drop-in platform.

✓ Customizable

Make your comments match the look and feel of your page with fully customizable CSS.


The press loves Civil Comments:

If it was possible to do this algorithmically, Google or Facebook would have done it by now.

Why not mobilise the vast majority of reasonable human beings?

A commenting platform intended to encourage polite conversation.

Quit worrying about your comments.

We’re on a mission to make independent media sites addictively social with world-class on-page community tools. With Civil Comments, everyone wins.