Finally, better comments.

Civil Comments is the first platform built for hands-free moderation.

Why Civil Comments?

It's self-moderating.

Civil Comments uses a patent-pending peer review system to keep your comments non-toxic and fun -- even at massive scale.

It's fast.

Civil Comments was built in modern, progressive React.js, with blazing-fast server-side rendering and the smallest file size of any full-featured drop-in platform.

It's customizable.

Make your comments match the look and feel of your page with fully customizable CSS.


Civil helps build your community — and your business.

Moderation? You just don't worry about it.

John Heasly

Digital Developer & Producer,
The Register-Guard
John Heasly

This is going to change the internet!

Justin Isaf

Former Director of Community,
Huffington Post
Justin Isaf

Civil is faster, more intuitive, and more reliable than any other commenting platform we've implemented. It blows Facebook Comments right out of the water.

Evan Nagle

Web Developer, Honolulu CivilBeat
Evan Nagle

+1 for Humanity.

Online comments get a bad rap, but the majority of toxic behavior in comment sections is the product of a small minority of unchecked trolls.

Your audience is full of reasonable people who want to have a great social experience on your page; give them tools to help build your community with Civil Comments!

Media companies care about comments.

See what they’re saying about Civil Comments.

If it was possible to do this algorithmically, Google or Facebook would have done it by now.

Why not mobilise the vast majority of reasonable human beings?

Civil Comments has designed a commenting platform intended to encourage polite conversation.

Quit worrying about the comments and start focusing on your content.

We’re on a mission to make independent media sites addictively social with world-class on-page community tools. With Civil Comments, everyone wins.